February 10–12, 2017|Portland, Oregon

About & All That Jazz

This event is going to be different.

Moving to Portland, OR, for its second year, &ATJ is all about fantastic jazz music and the social partner dancing that goes along with it. Specifically mid-to-slow tempo groovy swing, NOLA jazz, and jazzy blues & torch songs.

This is not a crossover event but rather a place for people who adore both lindy and blues and think that doing both in one night is just about the best thing ever.

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Music will range from "mostly lindy" to "mostly blues", with excellent DJs from throughout the U.S. taking care of us each night.

Our current linup includes:

Fine Print: Music Expectations

General Expectations

90% of the music at the event will be “jazz” or “jazz related”. Primarily (groovy) swing, NOLA jazz, jazzy blues, and torch songs.

The other ish 10% will be jazz-inspired things like soul, gospel, vintage R&B, funk, boogie woogie, and the like. Nothing approaching EDM or “alt blues”. While “trip hop” and “electro swing” may be jazz inspired genres, those will be not be played either.

Lindy / Swing

The swing will be on the groovy and slow side. There'll be a good split between slow (< 120bpm) and medium-tempo (120-150bpm), with some faster ones thrown in at the DJ's discretion.


Delta-/Chicago-/Piedmont-/Rock- Blues all have their place, but we'll focus exclusively on the jazzier side of the genre and open it to include NOLA Jazz and Torch Songs. This probably means no electric guitar or harmonica, probably. There'll be a nice mix of slow (< 80bmp) and mid-tempo (80-120) songs, with some faster ones thrown in at the DJ's discretion.

Set Types

There will be four borad types of sets at &ATJ as described below. The goal is to have people dancing blues & lindy throughout the night.

“NDM” Jazz

Music that people will be expected to listen to and not dance to. Perhaps it has a funky beat, goes on forever, or has “acid/smooth/nu” in the genre.

Mostly Lindy

Music that is roughly 75% for Lindy and 25% for Blues. Expect more mid-tempo music here.


Music that is roughly 50% for Lindy and 50% for Blues. Expect a good mix of mid-tempo and slow music here.

Mostly Blues

Music that is roughly 75% for Blues and 25% for Lindy. Expect more slow music here, but songs that double-time for a section are encouraged as well.

DJ schedule subject to change.

Friday Saturday Sunday
8:30pm Doors Open cash bar
& mood music
9pm Mostly Lindy Kelly Howard Thain Maurer Kelly Howard
10pm Kelly & Rachel
(trade set)
Thain & Mark
(trade set)
Kelly & Thain
(trade set)
11pm 50 / 50 Rachel Stirling Mark Carpenter Thain Maurer
12am Thain Maurer Kelly Howard DJ Free-for-all
1am Mostly Blues Thain & Mark
(trade set)
Kelly & Rachel
(trade set)
2am Mark Carpenter Rachel Stirling


Venue & Map

The Village Ballroom dance floor The Village Ballroom outside

The Village Ballroom
704 NE Dekum St
Portland, OR 97211

The Village Ballroom

The Village Ballroom is an already gorgeous space and former speakeasy with beautifully preserved wood floors. This 2000+ square foot venue features a bar which will serve beer, wine, champagne, and various cocktails of our own design. We will add to the intimacy of this already cozy space with more couches, rugs, and nooks for socializing.

Food & Drink

We are partnering with the Village Ballroom and the Oregon Public House (located downstairs) to provide a limited selection of beer, wine, champagne, and cocktails until 1am each night. Liquor and outside alcohol is not permitted.

Small snacks will be provided throughout, with additional food available for purchase though the Oregon Public House kitchen [menu].


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The Fine Print

Ticket Price

&ATJ offers automatic need-blind scholarships of any amount. For this event to run there will need to be money to pay the venue and DJs, so if you can afford the ticket price of $50, great. If you can afford more, great. If you cannot, great — pay what you can.

Registration & Waitlist

Tickets are only available before the event. If you want in, register beforehand — we will not be selling tickets at the door.

Tickets will be guaranteed for the first 150 registrants. A waitlist will be created for those who register after. This has to be strict. No excuses, invite your friends and make sure everybody you want to go registers as soon as registration opens.

Every guest needs to be registered separately, though the same email address can be used for multiple guests.

Transferrals & Revocations

Due to the limited nature of &ATJ, transferring your ticket to another person will be allowed only as long as the event is not sold out. After that time ticket transfers will not be allowed. Instead, you may seek a refund up to one week before the event thereby allowing someone on the waitlist to attend.

If there have been allegations of sexual assault directed towards you (in- or out-side of the dance scene) and the involved parties request that you not attend then your ticket will be revoked and a full refund given. Such revocations can only happen prior to one month before the event.

Housing Board

Please use the housing googledoc to request or offer housing. Housing is not guaranteed and will not be facilitated more than this.